The Orbit Programme

The Orbit Programme starts with a proven three-stage approach. In the modern workplace, there are bigger questions around wider re-organisation and digital changes. At Orbit, we collaborate with you to diagnose your business' shortcomings, review your approaches and provide and dynamic solutions.

1. Diagnostic 

  • Identify organisational issues & objectives

  • Examine business culture, values & employee engagement

  • Assess internal communications, digital functionality & organisational DNA

  • Ascertain leadership capabilities

  • Challenge organisational norms

2. Our Solutions

  • Develop & inspire leadership

  • Re-rejuvenate employee engagement 

  • Enhance organisational agility

  • Encourage enhanced digital capability

  • Promote diversity, inclusion and good mental health 

  • Implement a hybrid workforce

3. Your Results

  • Improved employee productivity, health & wellbeing 

  • Retained talent & more effective leadership 

  • Implemented flexible working solutions 

  • Provided greater organisational agility