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Employee Engagement

Some Facts

  • £19.3bn is the cost of working hours lost in the UK per year
  • 43% of UK line managers rate their own managers as ineffective 
  • 80% of workers think their managers set a poor moral example 
  • Over 75% of workers are not aware of their organisation's values
  • 66% of employers give either no training or inadequate training to new managers 
Don't be a negative statistic - here are 6 simple steps to improve your employee engagement: 
  • Understand, recognise and value all your employees 
  • Communicate with clarity and honesty (even the bad news)
  • Make sure 'the message' is the same to all employees
  • Share business goals with everyone 
  • Align employee goals with corporate goals 
  • Listen to your employees - they will give you the answers
The more highly engaged your business, the more successful you will be. To begin your journey and to improve your levels of engagement join the Orbit Programme. For more information visit 
Source - The Evidence Report: Engage for Success, Stillae, Achievers 
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